Demystifying Solar: Part 1 – Solar Panels

Typically, when people talk about solar panels, they are referring to Photovoltaics. Photovoltaics is a solar energy technology that uses unique properties of semiconductors to directly convert solar radiation into electricity (Source: Photovoltaic Systems, 2007, American Technical Publishers) These systems, referred to as photovoltaic systems (commonly called PV systems), are comprised of PV cells, or solar cells, made up of crystalline … Read More

Small Commercial Solar and How It Can Work For You

There are misconception that solar only works well for residential homes, large scale commercial, or utility scale solar projects. However, the solar climate has changed significantly, and small commercial projects can be an excellent financial tool for small to medium business owners looking to save money in the long term. The cost of solar equipment in general has come down significantly the past 5 years, drastically … Read More

Solar Roof Mounts Explained

Solar can be mounted to roofs in two main ways. Fixed mount or ballast mount. Fixed mount solar systems can consist of either pole mounted racking systems or L-Foot flashing attachments. Both of these utilize rails that attach to an L-Foot typically, and this L-foot then has rail or extrusion attached to it to hold the solar panels. They both penetrate the roof … Read More

How Hail Can Damage A Shingle Roof

Hail can damage a shingle roof in several ways. This can include: Bruises Deep Indentations Punctures Tears Broken Edges Granulation Loss Bruises are most typical and can be spotted because of missing granules from the impact area. Sometimes there is so much granulation loss at impact site that the black asphalt can be seen on the shingle. If you suspect … Read More