Solar Roof Mounts Explained

Solar can be mounted to roofs in two main ways. Fixed mount or ballast mount. Fixed mount solar systems can consist of either pole mounted racking systems or L-Foot flashing attachments. Both of these utilize rails that attach to an L-Foot typically, and this L-foot then has rail or extrusion attached to it to hold the solar panels. They both penetrate the roof … Read More

How Hail Can Damage A Shingle Roof

Hail can damage a shingle roof in several ways. This can include: Bruises Deep Indentations Punctures Tears Broken Edges Granulation Loss Bruises are most typical and can be spotted because of missing granules from the impact area. Sometimes there is so much granulation loss at impact site that the black asphalt can be seen on the shingle. If you suspect … Read More

Hail and Solar Panels

Hail has always been a concern of our clients when it comes to solar panels. More recently, it is one of the more common questions we at EverGuard Solar have been asked by our clients. We can certainly understand these concerns, and wanted to write about it in addition to educating our clients in person about the topic. Most solar panels are tested to be able to handle 1″ or quarter sized hail at … Read More

Top 7 Reasons Why Solar Is Great For Your Business

Solar is an excellent option as a business owner. Not only does it help save money, but it shows your clients that you are a steward of the environment. There are so many reasons to solarize your business, but below are EverGuard’s top 7 reasons to go solar. Protect against rising energy/utility costs. Eliminate or reduce your electric bill. Excellent return … Read More

What is a solar system comprised of?

Most people know that a solar system has, well, solar panels of course! But what is the other equipment typically found on a grid tied solar system? Lets take a quick look. Solar Inverter – The inverter converts the DC (direct current) power created by the solar panels into usuable AC (alternating current) power to be used in the home or fed back … Read More

Grid-Tied Solar Systems Explained

There are several different types of solar systems you can install, but the most cost-effective solar solution is installing a grid-tied solar system. What is a grid-tied solar system? A grid-tied solar system is simply a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid. Connecting to the grid has many benefits. The primary benefit is it helps you save money. It allows you to utilize net metering, … Read More

Is Ballast Mounted Solar Right For Your Flat Roof?

When choosing solar, there are so many options. Types and brands of solar panels, different wattages of solar panels, string inverters vs. micro-inverters, warranties, racking systems, etc. . . . . . . . . It’s enough to make your head spin! Among these many, often overwhelming options is racking. Whjat racking system is best for your home or business? … Read More

Maximizing the Federal Solar Tax Credit NOW!

The renewable energy tax credit is a law that allows taxpayers a 30% credit on the qualified expenditures for a solar system owned and used as a residence by the taxpayer. This credit is not only instrumental in helping to make solar more affordable, but it is also instrumental in helping to drastically quicken the return on investment timeline for … Read More