Hail and Solar Panels

A person's hands holding a bunch of hail balls.

Hail has always been a concern of our clients when it comes to solar panels. More recently, it is one of the more common questions we at EverGuard Solar have been asked by our clients. We can certainly understand these concerns, and wanted to write about it in addition to educating our clients in person about the topic.

Most solar panels are tested to be able to handle 1″ or quarter sized hail at approximately 50 mph. This is simulated through various test methods, including 1″ steel balls at the velocity mentioned. Other solar panels may be tested to higher impact velocities and hail sizes.

That being said, in New Mexico, the typical hail size experienced is between nickel and quarter sized hail. Of course, we can experience larger hail, and it does happen time to time in New Mexico. In 2018, according to www.stormersite.com, the largest hail report in or near the Greater Albuquerque area was 1.25″ (half dollar coin size). During that storm, none of our installed solar panels of various types and brands had incurred any damage. Furthermore, since EverGuard Solar has opened it doors for business and has been installing solar panel systems in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico, EverGuard has not witnessed or recorded damage to any of our solar systems due to hail.

We strongly suggest that you reach out to your homeowner’s or business insurance company to inquire about what they will cover once you install solar or are thinking about solar installationMost home insurance companies do cover damages to solar panels, if they were to occur. However, the chances are extremely slim that hail will damage your solar panels. After all, they are designed to take on hail storms.