My Solar Installer Went Out of Business. What Do I Do Now?

A solar panel on a roof with mountains in the background.

EverGuard Solar has been servicing and installing successful solar systems since 2009.  We are not looking to go anywhere.  Unfortunately, since we have began our solar business, we have seen solar companies come and go. We have had hundreds of clients call us who had their solar systems installed by other contractors. They reach out to us asking us for help. “Our installer is out of business!” or “My solar installer will not return any of my phone calls . . . .” These statements, among others, are the phone calls we receive weekly.

So what do you do if your solar installer goes out of business? The answer is simple.  Align yourself with a trusted, local solar company like EverGuard that has been around for years and has local experience. Many out of state and fly-by-night solar companies set up shop, cram in as many shoddy installs as they can within 18-24 months, and then smoke bomb out of the area, leaving their customers with little to no resources. EverGuard Solar will service other installers systems whether they have gone out of business or won’t return your phone calls.  We have been here since 2009, and we aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Furthermore, we can help you read through your system installer warranty paperwork to ensure there is no language they may have slipped in that will void your warranty if another installer like us services the system.

So, if you need solar system services in the greater Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or East Mountain areas, call EverGuard today for a free consultation.  We got you covered.

Shaun McGuinness