NM State Energy Profile: Quick Facts

Solar panels on a roof with mountains in the background.
  • New Mexico has more than 6% of U.S. total proved crude oil reserves, and, in 2017, it became the fifth-largest oil-producing state, accounting for 5% of the nation’s crude oil production.
  • New Mexico is among the top natural gas-producing states and has more than 4% of the nation’s total proved natural gas reserves. In 2017, the state accounted for about 4% of U.S. natural gas production.
  • New Mexico has 2.5% of the nation’s estimated recoverable coal reserves, the 10th largest reserve base among the states, and, in 2017, the state accounted for almost 2% of U.S. coal production.
  • In 2017, wind energy contributed almost 14% of New Mexico’s electricity generation with almost 1,800 megawatts of installed electricity generating capacity from more than 1,000 wind turbines.
  • New Mexico has no nuclear power plants, but it does have the nation’s second-largest uranium resource equal to nearly one-third of U.S. known uranium reserves.

SOURCE: U.S. Energy Information Administration, https://www.eia.gov/state/?sid=NM#tabs-3 , last updated January 17, 2019