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Solar panels are a wonderful way to save on costly electricity bills and enjoy clean energy-efficient power. Solar panel systems require little maintenance to upkeep, however, when solar panel systems do require maintenance, it’s best to call the professionals at EverGuard Solar. We’re Albuquerque’s premier solar panel maintenance company and are proud to have served New Mexicans since 2008. We’ll inspect your solar panels and provide you with efficient and experienced maintenance and repair services. Here are some of the most common types of solar panel maintenance you’ll need to keep them functioning at optimal performance all year long.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel systems require little maintenance, however, that doesn’t mean they do not require any maintenance. Solar panels should be cleaned once a year, as New Mexico winds can bring about dust and debris that collect on solar panels, causing them to be less efficient. Rain helps to clear out debris, however, it’s no guarantee as dryer years leave solar panels dirty. Solar panel cleaning ensures your panels are working properly and as efficiently as possible.

Annual Solar Panel Inspection

Solar panel systems can be monitored digitally when inspecting for overall productivity and performance, however, an annual inspection by a professional ensures your solar panels are working as intended. Annual solar panel inspections can reveal hidden electrical issues, panel damage, and other solar panel issues that aren’t detectable digitally. Having your solar panel systems inspected by a professional ensures you’re getting the most out of your solar panels.

Additional Solar Panel Maintenance

Outside of a solar panel inspection and cleaning, your solar panels may need additional maintenance. Additional solar panel maintenance and repairs may be needed if you notice solar panel monitoring issues, inverter errors, general issues, or if your fuses need replacing. If you notice your electricity bill has increased or have issues with your solar panel efficiency, it’s time to call the professionals in solar panel service and maintenance at EverGuard Solar.

EverGuard Solar is New Mexico’s trusted solar panel systems maintenance, inspection, and repair provider, as well as offering traditional roofing services. When your solar panel system is in need of inspection or maintenance, call EverGuard Solar for a free estimate. Let the solar panel professionals handle your maintenance and repair needs safely and with trusted quality service.

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