Small Commercial Solar and How It Can Work For You

Two people standing on top of a roof with solar panels.

There are misconception that solar only works well for residential homes, large scale commercial, or utility scale solar projects. However, the solar climate has changed significantly, and small commercial projects can be an excellent financial tool for small to medium business owners looking to save money in the long term.

The cost of solar equipment in general has come down significantly the past 5 years, drastically reducing overall system costs. The federal solar tax credit can provide 30% credit for the cost of the system, and the 30% credit is still good until the end of 2019. This helps expedite the return on investment significantly. Coupled with MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System), if eligible, can further bring the return on investment within the 3-5 year mark. This is substantially shorter than the 6-8 year typical return small commercial business were expecting just a few short years ago.

The bottom line is solar is a stronger than ever financial tool for small commercial businesses. Great ROI (better than the stock market!), environmental responsibility, safe-guarding against future electrical rate hikes, energy independence . . . . . the benefits go on and on why NOW is the time to solarize your small business. If you are a business owner that owns the building, solar is the best financial tool you can utilize.

Shaun McGuinness