Trusted Local Solar Installation with EverGuard Solar

Solar panels on a roof with mountains in the background.

Looking for trusted local solar installation? Look no further. You can find trusted local solar installation with EverGuard Solar. EverGuard Solar has been serving New Mexico and the greater Albuquerque communities since 2009.

Why Is EverGuard A Trusted Local Solar Installer?

EverGuard Solar has years of local experience, not only from an installation standpoint, but from design and engineering as well. Most of our employees have been in the solar industry over a decade.  Several employees also bring knowledge from other states solar programs,  broadening our knowledge and know-how. All of our employees are New Mexico residents, we do not outsource labor or other resources from out of state. All of these factors combined makes EverGuard a leader in New Mexico solar.

EverGuard Solar is the sister company to EverGuard Roofing. This gives us the advantage of not only being solar experts, but roofing experts as well.  Wouldn’t you rather have a company install solar on your roof that actually understands your roofing system? With well over a decade of satisfied customers who are meeting their production and offset goals, EverGuard is still proud to serve our community and all of New Mexico.

There are many out of state or fly-by-night solar companies popping up in New Mexico. These companies may offer cheaper installation, and promise the world in return for your check or financed system.  The reality is these companies have already left or may leave New Mexico within the next few years. This leaves these customers with no local resource from the install companies. Most never receive a call back. Many aren’t even sure who installed the system, because the company they contracted with outsourced the install to an out of state contractor.

Don’t become a victim of such practices.  Choose EverGuard Solar for your solar needs today.  If you or someone you know has fallen prey to the bad practices above, don’t fret. EverGuard Solar also services systems we were not the original installer for.

Shaun McGuinness.