What is a solar system comprised of?

Most people know that a solar system has, well, solar panels of course! But what is the other equipment typically found on a grid tied solar system? Lets take a quick look. Solar Inverter – The inverter converts the DC (direct current) power created by the solar panels into usuable AC (alternating current) power to be used in the home or fed back … Read More

COVID-19 Statement from EverGuard Solar

For over 10 years, EverGuard Solar has been working together with New Mexicans to enhance their homes and businesses. During the coronavirus pandemic, we may not be able to get together as often as we’d like. We’re still doing all we can to safely enhance the quality of your life. Many families are spending the majority of their time at home. Businesses … Read More

Maximize The Solar Tax Credit Now

Maximize the federal solar tax credit now! The renewable energy tax credit is a law that allows taxpayers a 26% credit on the qualified expenditures for a solar system owned and used as a residence by the taxpayer. This credit is not only instrumental in helping to make solar more affordable, but it is also instrumental in helping to drastically quicken the … Read More

Trusted Local Solar Installation with EverGuard Solar

Looking for trusted local solar installation? Look no further. You can find trusted local solar installation with EverGuard Solar. EverGuard Solar has been serving New Mexico and the greater Albuquerque communities since 2009. Why Is EverGuard A Trusted Local Solar Installer? EverGuard Solar has years of local experience, not only from an installation standpoint, but from design and engineering as well. Most … Read More

My Solar Installer Went Out of Business. What Do I Do Now?

EverGuard Solar has been servicing and installing successful solar systems since 2009.  We are not looking to go anywhere.  Unfortunately, since we have began our solar business, we have seen solar companies come and go. We have had hundreds of clients call us who had their solar systems installed by other contractors. They reach out to us asking us for help. … Read More

Solar Panels Closer To The Roof Surface May Appear Better, But Do Not Function Better

The trend in recent years is to install solar panels closer and closer to the roof surface, especially on pitched shingle, tile, or metal roof homes.  Although this may be more aesthetically pleasing to some homeowners, it can have a detrimental effect. Without proper airflow to reduce the solar panels temperature, which increases the electrical conversion efficiency, the panels produce less! To put it … Read More

NM State Energy Profile: Quick Facts

New Mexico has more than 6% of U.S. total proved crude oil reserves, and, in 2017, it became the fifth-largest oil-producing state, accounting for 5% of the nation’s crude oil production. New Mexico is among the top natural gas-producing states and has more than 4% of the nation’s total proved natural gas reserves. In 2017, the state accounted for about … Read More

Demystifying Solar: Part 2 – Inverters

A solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the DC current from solar panels into grid usable AC current (what you use in your home) It allows the use of ordinary AC-powered equipment. Most inverters, in a residential sense, are grid interactive inverters. Simply put, if the grid loses power, the inverter shuts down and does not convert energy. This … Read More

Demystifying Solar: Part 1 – Solar Panels

Typically, when people talk about solar panels, they are referring to Photovoltaics. Photovoltaics is a solar energy technology that uses unique properties of semiconductors to directly convert solar radiation into electricity (Source: Photovoltaic Systems, 2007, American Technical Publishers) These systems, referred to as photovoltaic systems (commonly called PV systems), are comprised of PV cells, or solar cells, made up of crystalline … Read More

Small Commercial Solar and How It Can Work For You

There are misconception that solar only works well for residential homes, large scale commercial, or utility scale solar projects. However, the solar climate has changed significantly, and small commercial projects can be an excellent financial tool for small to medium business owners looking to save money in the long term. The cost of solar equipment in general has come down significantly the past 5 years, drastically … Read More

Solar Roof Mounts Explained

Solar can be mounted to roofs in two main ways. Fixed mount or ballast mount. Fixed mount solar systems can consist of either pole mounted racking systems or L-Foot flashing attachments. Both of these utilize rails that attach to an L-Foot typically, and this L-foot then has rail or extrusion attached to it to hold the solar panels. They both penetrate the roof … Read More